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7 Keys To Making Your Goal Happen

Making Your Goal Happen Having something you want to get done and making your goal happen, are two completely different things. So how do you go from ‘good idea’ to ‘reality’? Here’s a few keys to following through on your goal… Key 1. Define what you want to achieve Always start with the end in […]

The choice to contribute

The Choice To Contribute, Dilute or Pollute Why is it that the same idea that will inspire some people to make the choice to contribute, will be the very same idea that motivates others to scorn or ridicule? The ongoing rise of the sharing economy is one such example of this… take Uber for example. […]

Your Valuable Identity

What Is Your Valuable Identity? If we care to admit, it’s just part of who we are, we all just want to have a valuable identity. There is an inbuilt want to belong somewhere, to be part of something… and know that others want us there too. However, as much as we know this to be […]

Some advice to my younger self

Good advice for my younger self… It’s amazing what we discover with the benefit of acquired wisdom, and sometimes I’ve wondered what I would tell my younger self if I had the chance to send some advice back in time. For the purpose of this exercise, I’ll ignore the whole science fiction scenario of disrupting the […]

Exercise choices – Then Exercise That Choice

Many people start on the ‘foot path’ of exercise, yet most don’t persevere. The reason behind this is that the vast majority of us are trying to do something which we really don’t like !   The reason I say this is because you will find that the person who goes to the gym or […]

Opportunity – by Craig Attridge

Opportunity. Open the door as opportunity wants to come in. When an opportunity knocks, do you hesitate? Do you sometimes not hear it, do you continually listen for it? Opportunities, there are many. The best thing to do with them, is to take them as soon as they come along. Always be ready to open […]

The Nest

Here is the story of four birds in a nest… The four birds all hatched about the same time. Several times a day, mother bird came and delivered food and she made sure the birds had everything they needed. If it rained or there was a storm, she would come and spread her wings over […]

Waking Up The Dream

How does someone who is asleep wake up? Generally, we awake from sleep from one of the following ways: –        Our body has slept long enough and we drift back to conscious awareness of our surroundings. This is the passive wake up. –        A noise startles us (unplanned alarm). This could be a loud noise […]

Creators, Consumers and a Field of Possibility

There was a field, a large dusty patch of open land. A few people came past to look at this field…   The first people who saw the field, thought it looked quite uneventful and so kept driving. However, they weren’t the only ones who saw that field… A young boy who saw the field […]