chasing a big dream

5 Reasons to Chase A Big Dream

Some Benefits of Having and Pursuing a Big Dream

When it comes to setting your goals, should you go all out for a really big dream, or perhaps play it a little safe?
Obviously not every goal you set is going to be of space race proportions, but somewhere along the way, there’s some really good reasons that you should chase at least one big, hairy and scary, audacious goal!

So why chase a big dream?

1. The Moonshot Principle – Go big and the competitors disappear

There’s not of people aiming for a little improvement here and there, so inevitably, a smaller goal is going to put in space where you’re prone to having lots of competition.
On the other hand, a larger scale dream is a scary prospect to many people, leaving the door wide open for you to have a clean shot at giving a go.

It’s the difference in going for 10% improvement, or doing something ten times better. When you’re looking to improve something a little bit, much of what you know still might work. However, when you’re chasing something big, and looking to do something on a totally new scale… that’s taking a moon shot and it’s going to need a whole new way of finding a solution.

Those that dare to go big, get more spectators than competitors.

2. A big dream is more inspiring

It’s just more motivating to go after something that really gets your heart racing. This is true both for you as an individual and also for those around you. This is how early stage tech companies can bat above their average in attracting great talent and attracting the attention of investors.

Why risk boring yourself into safety if you’ve got the opportunity to be inspiring?

3. Even if you don’t reach your goal exactly, your progress could be significant

Okay, so not every big dream gets the ideal result… and that’s quite okay… sometimes you just need to start stepping towards it anyway.
The progress you make in preparing for and working towards a big dream, can in itself, be quite an achievement. In the very act of chasing a big dream, it is very likely that you will massively exceed what you would’ve achieved by having not have made an attempt.

4. A big dream is more engagingbig dreams are engaging

You’re more likely to create some great relationships along the way when you’re going for something big. The bigger the dream, the more you’re going to need to look
for those with better skills, and the more they will want to talk to you. This is particularly true if you have a clear and attractive purpose in your goal.

For this reason, not pursuing your dream because you don’t have the contacts, is like not exercising because you’re not fit… one helps fuel the other.

5. You could reach it

Of course, the single biggest reason why I believe you need to go for a really big dream is, you could actually achieve it!
All of us only have 24 hours in a day, and we do with that is up to us. A great mentor of mine has often reminded me that, “whatever you spend your life doing, will cost you your life.”

So what would like to invest your time into? What sort of goals would you like to chase?

Perhaps you have a big dream that’s worth taking some action on…