Since starting out this little project, I’ve been asked a few times, “Why happenness?” and just as commonly “So what’s this crazy idea about?”

Put simply, you are here for a reason,

I believe that each of us has something to contribute and somewhere, inside, if we care to admit it or not, we’ve got stuff we’d like to see done, dreams that are yet to be fulfilled and a plan for something greater, bigger and more exciting.

The only problem is that once we take ownership of that, we create a conundrum, a dilemma, a problem… “What do I do now?” – and, the bigger the gap between the current circumstance and the dream inside, the bigger the question… so what do we do?

Firstly, I think the question is good, we need to ask it, we need to challenge ourselves to dare to believe it can happen and it can happen in and through us.

Secondly, the transition point, where we get to the other side of just having a dream, acknowledging its existence & asking the scary questions, opens the door to a whole new game… this is the area where happenness lives.

Daring to go from the ‘status quo’ to ‘give it a go’ can be terrifying or terrific (usually both), but this is where the fun is at, the joy of making stuff happen, seeing a dream take shape and the start of something that once only existed in your craziest dreams. The giving it a go requires a decision to act, going from “what do I do?” to “what can I do?” – it doesn’t have to be a big first step, but there needs to be a step. Write it down, start a conversation, do some research, something, anything…

So why happenness? Cause your dream, if it has the capacity to bring joy and improve lives, can and should happen… in the very least, it deserves a test run…

Having personally embarked on some happenness, I’m hooked, I’ve seen some impossible made possible and I’ve come back for more. Sure there’s been and still are challenges, but that merely gives space to grow and improve along the way.

So why not happenness? What if you sit back and ignore the dream, ignore the possibilities? What then? Which do you prefer?

One of the greatest joys I’ve had in entertaining happenness, is the doors that begin to open… daring to believe in something bigger than you will put you in contact with some of the greatest, most inspiring people you will ever meet… there is something great about being in a place where dreams come true, around people who have, whilst you are on the journey of doing so…


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