The Happenness Project was created out of a desire to inspire and equip the fulfillment of dreams that often get suppressed in everyday life and thus leave some of our greatest ideas and resources largely untapped. With the aim of encouraging a move from ‘status quo’ to ‘give it a go’, the keyword “Happenness” is a call to action, to fulfill the dream and enjoy the journey of doing so.


It has become increasingly apparent to me throughout years of experiences and research that:

  1. Each of us has a purpose and something great that is unique to us, that if lived out, will help us achieve our very best in not only our personal fulfillment and satisfaction, but also in making the most significant contribution to the benefit of others
  2. It is easy to get distracted from that purpose and/or get stuck along the way

With these two factors in mind and out of a desire to inspire and equip individuals to fulfill their potential, I began looking for a vehicle to be able to assist.

What’s the plan?

Currently, there are two main activities:

1. Build connections with like-minded people and create a community of people who acknowledge they are on the planet for a purpose

2. Work has begun on a book project. The book tells the story of a man who lives an average life at the expense of his extraordinary dream. When he dares to ask some new questions he begins a journey of rediscovering his dream and then… ?

How does one start with great ideas about the future and then get stuck in a non-eventful everyday life? What happened to make Harry get stuck in the sort of life he used to detest. This was exactly what he didn’t want – so why is it what he now had? – Excerpt from Chapter 1 – yet to be released book by Ian Dorrepaal


To find out more about the project, how you can be kept up to date or how to get involved, please contact me using the form below.

Regards, Ian – Founder, the Happenness Project