key to making your goal happen

7 Keys To Making Your Goal Happen

Making Your Goal Happen

Having something you want to get done and making your goal happen, are two completely different things.

So how do you go from ‘good idea’ to ‘reality’?

Here’s a few keys to following through on your goal…

Key 1. Define what you want to achieve

Always start with the end in mind
What does ‘success’ look like in this project, how will you know when this has been achieved? Get it in writing and share it with a couple of people who will keep you accountable in a positive way.Define your goal to make it happen

Key 2. Work out what is needed to make your goal happen

What physical things need to be there to achieve this goal?

For instance a business goal may need a website or physical location, licenses and name registrations. A fitness goal may need training equipment, a gym membership and the like.

Key 3. Who is needed to achieve this goal

Other than yourself, is there anyone else needed to make this happen. Do they share the desire to make this happen, or is there something else required to ensure you can secure their assistance. E.g. if you need to create a company, your accountant may not share your burning desire to create the company, but by paying the fee they will set it up for youWhy do you want to make your goal happen… their desire is the profit of their practice.

Key 4. Why do you want this to happen

Understand the true motivation of why you want this. The
higher the motivation and desire to get it done, the better chance of realising your goal. On the other hand, indifference to the outcome, is a sure way to create an unfinished project.

Key 5. What could stop this from happening

There are always obstacles on the way to any worthwhile goal. When you understand what could hinder the outcome you are after, you are better equipped to take the right precautions.
For instance, a fitness goal comes with the possible risk of injury. Precautions for this, could be getting adequate sleep, getting the right nutrition, appropriate stretching and ensuring you get coaching for your technique to avoid preventable injuries.

Key 6. Set a date for it to happen by

Commit to a date to achieve the goal, then work backwards to create mini goals along the way. This will give you a clear and measurable path to keep your goal on track.

Key 7. Actually make it happen

Most importantly, you need to act. No matter how small or trivial some of the steps may be, moving towards your goal, needs to be a deliberate and patient act. Rather than be dismissive of details, challenge yourself with ‘does this move me closer or further from my goal?’ There is a great book on this topic by Jeff Olsen, titled “The Slight Edge”, which
discusses the compounding power of little decisions.Go and make your goal happen

The joy of making your goal happen!

Finally, enjoy the journey! Making your goal happen is fun. Being able to go from an idea to seeing it become reality is one of the greatest privileges of being who you are, so why deny yourself the opportunity to be all you can be?

If you have a worthwhile goal, and the desire to see it become reality, why not start today? Entertain the thought of what it will look like and then write it down… This is the start of making your goal happen.

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