Could a tissue cause a conflict – by Craig Attridge

Could a Tissue cause a Conflict.


There I was sitting the library one day, when this woman arrived and then proceeded to sit down at the table opposite me. She made use of a tissue and then carelessly tossed it on the table away from her. This immediately got my attention as it started to infuriate me. I could feel the hairs on my neck stand up. From what I had just witnessed, gave me the distinct impression that she was going to leave it there as her actions clearly demonstrated this.


It would have been a different matter if she had neatly folded it and placed in on the table, on her lap, or even better still – in her pocket. This would have given me a totally different perspective as these encouraging actions would have been a solid indication that she was mindful of the tissue – though, once again, based on what I had just witnessed earlier, she certainly was not.


I had in mind to say something to her – as I am tired of seeing people discard things in this manner and then expect someone else to tidy up after them. Though I decided that, for the time being anyway, that I would give her the benefit of the doubt and wait until the time she left.


When this time arrived – I prepared myself, arranging the words neatly in my head – so that I could tell her exactly how disgusting her manners were.

She too prepared herself, by packing up the books she had used, then she placed some books (that were already on the table when she arrived) neatly in the table’s corner…then…she…proceeded to collect the tissue, placing it ever so neatly in her handbag.


Was that shock! So primed I was –  with my retort ready to go! In some way, I felt that I had wronged her, even though I had said nothing about this to her, I still felt that I was wrong. For what I had done was to think the worst of her by pre-judging her.


So the answer to the question above: Yes it can, if you let it!

So the next time someone does something (whether this be at work or at home) that upsets you and gets your blood boiling, cool it down with the memory of this story which will remind you not to prejudge. Instead give them the benefit of the doubt and in turn this will grant you piece of mind. Remember, things aren’t always as you first see them.


By Craig Attridge


About our guest contributor, Craig Attridge

Craig is a sales professional with a wealth of experience in telecommunications, advertising and hospitality. With a developed insight into building sustainable results, Craig’s insights are straight to the point and proven to inspire happenness.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Hey Craig,

    great article mate. A great reminder, love the reminder there for us people to not sweat the small stuff… and sometimes it really is small stuff

  2. ebin
    ebin says:

    Hi Craig. Thanks for sharing this.

    One of the root principle I follow in life is “never judge anyone too quick, and, never under estimate anyone”.


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