happenness is about finding happiness in the journey

Is happenness the key to happiness?

Happiness and happenness

It seems we all want happiness… and let’s face it, why wouldn’t we?

The problem seems to be then, is how do we go about getting it and how do we keep getting it.

So how do we achieve happiness?

  1. Wait for it to happen?
  2. Achieve it?
  3. Just make a decision to fake it till we make it?

And if we obtained happiness through any of these means, would it last?

It seems that if happiness is to be at its best (however we get it), that we want it to be current (we want it to be happening now) and  be recurrent (keep happening)

So if the goal is to make it happen and keep happening, aren’t we really looking for a key to happenness?

With this in mind, I like to think of happenness as the joy of making it happen. Happenness can face chalenge with a determination to bring improvement, add life and be the difference… by nature, it will bring out the best, encourage growth, inspire you to stretch and create space for a far more fulfilled and happy existence.

Today has great stuff waiting to happen… just add happenness


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