Opportunity – by Craig Attridge


Open the door as opportunity wants to come in.

When an opportunity knocks, do you hesitate? Do you sometimes not hear it, do you continually listen for it?

Opportunities, there are many. The best thing to do with them, is to take them as soon as they come along. Always be ready to open that door!

Sure, there is always the temptation to wait, to “put it off for another day” as they say. Well, there may be others, you could always wait for another – though this wait could be a long, a very long while. Even a lifetime.

By having an opportunity and not acting on it – is this not the same as not having one at all?

Act on them, turn these into reality!

It could be by just raising your hand for more responsibility at work, doing some volunteer work or pursuing that hobby you wanted to take up all those years ago.


There, I have given just a few ideas. Now the rest is up to you.


This opportunity starts now – look out for them. They are around.


By Craig Attridge.


About our guest contributor, Craig Attridge

Craig is a sales professional with a wealth of experience in telecommunications, advertising and hospitality. With a developed insight into building sustainable results, Craig’s insights are straight to the point and proven to inspire happenness.

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