Watching the clock or building the dream?

Are you working on your dream or just passing time?

Yesterday I dropped by the shops quickly to grab a couple of things and the attitude of the shop assistant got me thinking…

It was late Sunday afternoon, the line to the checkout was filled with last minute shoppers (including myself) and the shop assistant was polite, yet obviously keen for the day to finish. After completing the transaction and relaying the usual friendly comments, I got to thinking – this should’ve been the best time of her day! So wish I had time to tell her why (so instead, you get to read about it).

So here it goes: What do you do, when it’s late in the day, your mind is probably already onto the thought of either, (1) the 101 things you need to do after the work or, (2) the opportunity to put your feet up and try and forget work ever happened. What could make the last part of the work day look like it’s helping the dream rather than just another distraction?

Here’s 3 quick thoughts that may help promote happenness in your work day:

1. At the end of the day you’re working for you.

Think about it, most of us spend the large share of our working hours covering running costs, so much so, that the first hours of your shift are likely already be spent on covering these. As it gets later in the day, you’re at the point where you’re building the discretionary spending and unspent money can do stuff, like fund your dreams!


2. If it’s not in the way, it’s on the way.

There are some things you can eliminate from your schedule (e.g. watching TV), but it’s a little hard to eliminate things like washing dishes or paying the mortgage/rent. So whilst it’s easy to not be excited about a number of things that need to be done, putting them in perspective of a worthwhile goal, can help release the associated angst. In fact, the clearer the goal and the more successfully you can view the task as being part of achieving it, the easier it should be to do it.


3. If you’re not enjoying today, you’re hindering your dream

Your goals and dreams can at times seem a long way off… especially when you’re in the midst of doing something you wish you didn’t have to. One thing that I’ve been faced with again and again, is your dream’s tendency to find you when you choose to enjoy today (and move away when you don’t). Working a routine day job, I’ve met great business contacts who have equipped and inspired me to move ahead. The person who gets discovered is the person with their head high and working at a level that clearly demonstrates that they’re moving forward with an attitude of fun and excellence.

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” Wallace D. Wattles 

The happenness choice in all of this is to take action, dare to put your day in context of where you’re going, don’t just settle for watching it slip past. You have today and you have a choice.

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