scoring more wins

7 Ways to score more wins

How would you like to have more wins?

Particularly when it comes to achieving those goals we really want to see happen, winning is great!

Missing out on a win however, is not so fun… so here’s a few thoughts on how you can hit your goals more often.

Keys to achieving more wins

#1 Don’t quit… it’s not over till you stop trying

If the goal is worth having, it’s too soon to quit.

Thomas Edison famously had 1000 attempts at creating the first successful light bulb, and today, as I type this, I’m enjoying the fact that he didn’t stop at 998.

The best wins rarely (if ever) happen on the first attempt, so don’t be hasty in giving up on going again, it’s not over.

#2 Get stronger

Winning takes strength, so to score more wins, work on your strength.

Depending on your goal, this could require more physical strength, but for every goal, you’re going to need more mental strength.

The biggest battle for your wins is always going to be the battle in your own mind… fail to work on your mental conditioning, and you’ll miss most of your opportunities to win.

#3 You’re better with a coach

A good coach is key to maximising your chance of winning. For whatever goal you have, finding someone qualified to give you guidance in that area (that you listen to and act upon), is a huge advantage.

Too often, goals can fail because, ‘we don’t know, what we don’t know’. A good coach can help you overcome that and often provide a shorter and more reliable path to success (with less risk).

#4 Celebrate all your wins

Part of preparing for wins, is getting used to winning… so don’t ignore the smaller wins along the way, they’re great conditioning for you. Celebrate your wins, commend those who supported you to achieve them, and use the smaller wins as stepping stones for bigger wins.

It’s amazing what the momentum of small wins can help you achieve, if only you’ll take a moment to recognise them.

#5 Learn from the losses

Failure is a great teacher, and those that learn the lessons well are better equipped for their future wins.

Where you can, of course you want to reduce your risks and minimise the losses on the way to achieving your goal. However, those occasions where we fall short, give us great opportunity to identify areas for improvement. A few failures on the way to victory also can give us greater satisfaction when we do get the result we’re after.

#6 Get smarter and never stop learning

The more you improve your knowledge, experience, skills and techniques, the better it will be.

If I failed yesterday, I don’t want to be the same person trying again today, but a slightly better, smarter and more ready version of me than the person who made the last attempt.

This is what helped Thomas Edison to invent what he did… for in every time he failed, he simply regarded it as discovering something that didn’t work, in effect making him smarter, so he was better positioned to discover what would work.

#7 Win every day in the small stuff

The biggest wins, are simply just a collection of lots of little wins… so make sure you get the little wins every day.

The compounding power of simple little good choices along the way, have amazing power in the long term. Everything you do today carries interest tomorrow, so little steps towards a long term goal today, have a multiplied effect tomorrow… the opposite is also true.

So no matter what the win you’re working towards, find something today that can put you a step closer. A small step towards your win today is exponentially better than the regret of idleness tomorrow.


Go for the wins

It’s worth going for the wins in life, and often that’s going to mean choosing to try more than once, a commitment to grow and reminding yourself of the wins you’ve already achieved.