Exercise choices – Then Exercise That Choice

Many people start on the ‘foot path’ of exercise, yet most don’t persevere.

The reason behind this is that the vast majority of us are trying to do something which we really don’t like !


The reason I say this is because you will find that the person who goes to the gym or exercises regularly, and has done so for years, is the very same person who likes going to the gym / exercising.


It is not hard for them at all.

In some way they actually enjoy it and the feeling that comes from doing it.

Importantly, they are not forcing themselves to go there.


So what’s it all about?

It is all about an active sustainable lifestyle. With great results being achieved just by doing small things,  over a continuous period of time.


The important bit is that you must do something which you really like!

There might be more productive forms of exercise out there, which may well  bring positive results quicker, thought what’s the point if you don’t do it?


Find some type of exercise you enjoy. This will make you persevere with it.

Even if it takes longer – as a bit later is so much better than never!

You can achieve lasting results, not just short term gains that don’t last.


The alternative is that you spend most of your time and energy trying to do  something which you don’t like. Now that requires more energy and motivation than the exercise itself !

This will change your life for the better.

Apart from the health side, there are many more benefits to exercise. It will make you so much more energetic and overall happier with a more focused mind. This in turn leads to a better approach to your work and home life.


Just like all those people out there who love exercise, once you start doing an exercise you like, it too will be easy for you!


By Craig Attridge


About our guest contributor, Craig Attridge

Craig is a sales professional with a wealth of experience in telecommunications, advertising and hospitality. With a developed insight into building sustainable results, Craig’s insights are straight to the point and proven to inspire happenness.