Every dog has its day? – By Craig Attridge

Every dog has its day …


Today I would like to tell you a story.  This story is about a little lady, and possibly a story you might have recently seen in the news or on YouTube.

This story is not about a person though, it is about a cat by the name of Tara.

For those who have not seen what happened, here is a small summary about a little cat that took on a dog which was several times her size.

This true story begins with a young four year old boy playing safely in his yard on a sunny afternoon. Between him and the neighbour’s yard there is a parked vehicle. Then suddenly, from what appeared to be from nowhere, a large breed of dog appears next to the child and immediately starts biting him on his leg. This dog was really determined to get a hold of him –  it had deliberately circled around the car to ferociously pounce on him.

Then Tara the cat enters the scene and without any hesitation, with her paws blazing, furious runs at the dog and strikes it with her little body. This was really an amazing feat considering she must be

4-5 times smaller than the dog. The dog backs down, releases the child and starts to retreat. Tara glances back at the little boy and then she proceeds to hurriedly run after the dog, chasing it away.

If you had asked me before hand, I would easily say that the dog would have won this fight. Though Tara with all the odds stacked against her, took charge and won this battle.

This cat is a little hero and a role model as mankind can learn a lot from her.

So let’s take a lesson from Tara and learn from her that whether you are large or small, male or female – no matter who you are, when the odds are not in your favour and you are all alone – know this: You have it within yourself to make it happen and to achieve whatever you set out to do.


They say that every dog has its day … Well not when the opponent is so determined and confident – then obstacles will back down and flee from you.


By Craig Attridge


About our guest contributor, Craig Attridge

Craig is a sales professional with a wealth of experience in telecommunications, advertising and hospitality. With a developed insight into building sustainable results, Craig’s insights are straight to the point and proven to inspire happenness.

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