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Your Valuable Identity

What Is Your Valuable Identity?

If we care to admit, it’s just part of who we are, we all just want to have a valuable identity. There is an inbuilt want to belong somewhere, to be part of something… and know that others want us there too.

However, as much as we know this to be true, it can be really annoying to simply understand the value that we bring. Even more so, to articulate it in a way that makes sense to others.

What is it that makes you who you are, and makes you a one of kind, useful and irreplaceable?

Whilst the concept isn’t difficult, it seems that we can struggle to have a clear answer on our identity and value that really can give direction and clarity…

Would you like to unlock your valuable identity?

When I look at those who really shine, live life to the full and have an authentically awesome life, they all share one common trait – they understand their value and identity.

So then, let’s look further at how you can unlock your value and identity… you seeDiscovering your valuable identity I had a very simple, yet thought that I think will make this easier…. Sound good?

Great, because in a few minutes I will share this with you (or you can skip straight to the end and read it if you’re in a hurry).

For those of you willing to gain a little extra value, let’s look at some benefits of understanding your value and identity.


What Understanding Your Value Does For You

When you understand your value, all kind of benefits start to emerge… here’s a few benefits of understanding your value and identity…

Focus – You understand what you should do, which makes it easier to say no to stuff you shouldn’t

Motivation – When you understand your value and work on that basis, you maximise the satisfaction and purpose in what you do, so are naturally more motivated.

Helps you to set achievable goals – When your goals are set on the value you bring and who you are, they become ‘your’ goals. Having goals that you have ownership of, are always easier to achieve.

Gives you leverage – Value is currency, and understanding value helps you to invest your time in things that actually give results.

Helps you make useful connections – it’s amazing how you find the people you need when you know you need them, and how much easier relationships are when value is clearly understood. Probably the greatest relationship hack ever is to get clear on your value and who you are.

Helps you find satisfaction in your work – yep, life is much more fun when you understand your value.

Why is it so hard to understand or articulate our value?

Given that understanding our value and identity is so good for us, why is it so hard to get clear on it?

Finding the right questions to ask – when you want to find something on Google, it’s simply a case of typing in the right search phrase to display that info… the principle here is that access to information is dependent on the questions asked.

The answer to your valuable identity

If you’re struggling to find answers to your optimum value, it’s time to ask a better question.

One of Einstein’s famous quotes say, “if I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I would spend the first 55 minutes on finding the right question to ask”. A big challenge we often face is in getting a grasp on our value is not knowing the questions we need to ask.

Fear of rejection – Growing up and throughout our education, we heard ‘no’ often enough. No one likes to be told ‘no’, and to not feel accepted. So rather than pursuing the answers to where our real value is, it can feel safer to sit on the fringes, which ironically leaves us feeling a little left out anyway. I’m no psychologist, but that messed up cycle just makes me think that’s it’s easier to go with Richard Branson’s idea of “Screw it, just do it.” It’s actually pretty hard to lose if you’re giving it a go.

Self doubt – what we can do well, seems normal to us. Because it is normal to us, we can often discount how valuable it is to others. This leads us to either lack focus on developing this value, or not communicate to others what we can contribute.

We know us too well, yet not well enough – Whilst we know ourselves really well, we also see ourselves through highly subjective filters. Often this causes us to take on mental images that hold us back, and only hang onto the feedback of others that aligns with what we choose to believe about us.

Nothing personal, business identity can be hard to articulate too

In working in marketing, the goal is to help business owners articulate the value of their business to their customers. What concerns me time and time again, is the number of business owners, who have a great business, are doing good work, but have no clue how to communicate their value.

Having spoken to hundreds of business owners, I can even predict what most will say if you ask them “what makes you different to your competitors, and what unique value do your provide to your customers?”

If you want to have some fun with this, try it out for yourself and see if you get the same answers…

For barbers, hairdressers and beauticians, the most common answer is, “We give great service.”

For accountants, finance brokers, advisors and insurance agents is, “We give personalised service.”

As you can see, these generic answers are of little use in establishing real value, or helping new customers to understand why they would choose them over other options. The real problem here though, is not in the answer, but rather in the question… it’s time for a better question…

So how do you identify yourself and the value of you?

Okay, so let’s look at a better question that could help you discover and align yourself with the real value you bring…

What is your art?

Yep, that’s it… if understand what your art is, you can better appreciate your valuable identity.

You see, in one sense, we can look at art as just painting, sculptures, and the like… and whilst they are definitely art, they may not be ‘your’ art.
The art you do, could be helping couples find their dream home, for them to raise their family. It could be as an accountant, helping business owners to structure their business properly. Or perhaps your art is raising kids who understand that they matter and have value they can bring to the world around them… most likely it’s a combination of works, that share common themes, but it’s all art!

The benefit of viewing it as art…

When you look at it as art, you have a blank canvass and can apply your energy and identity with confidence, in a deliberate and purpose centred way.

In fact, it won’t even matter if others don’t agree on the value (there will always be art critics), and their ability to understand its value just highlights that it probably wasn’t for them.

The true essence of art, is not in what it is applied to, but in the fact that when you create art, you put yourself into it… and anything that requires something of you, says something about you.

Finding your art…

So, when you’re looking to find your art, you’re simply looking to find a canvas you want to put something on… in fact, we have all types of canvasses in our Valuable artlives, and what we put on each one, leaves clues as to our identity and what we value.

For example, you have:
The time canvas – Where do like to spend time, or when are you least aware of time?
The relationship canvas – What do trait do you most like in others, and who do you most like working with?
The value canvas – What do you most value? Or, what is it that you don’t want left off the canvas?

The artful journey to your valuable identity

The other thing is, all good art is a process and a Future identityjourney… so just look for themes and ideas, as you don’t need to paint your masterpiece in a day.

In committing yourself to creating art, your value will start to become clearer and the journey more inspiring…

Your thoughts, comments and feedback?

Like to share something valuable? Would love to hear your thoughts on this… perhaps an insight into your art or the journey of discovering it? What’s your valuable identity?